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Jason, do you remember? is a video made using real-time screen-recorder. This is an HD size (1920X1800p) video with an original audio track – a collage of several videos, 3D animations, author's performances and prose text.

The work is inspired by Markus Zuzak's novel The Book Thief, which is a story about the Second World War depicted from the point of view of death (as the narrator).

The individualized point of view is natural and human, trusting, autonomous (one who is aware of oneself and one's destiny), and forms the opposition of "I" and "the world". The message of the first person is also very characteristic of the modern perspective, where the individual plays the role of a subjective center of the world. The narration in the first person allows you to see the world through the eyes of one's "I" and listen on his behalf, thus standing in his unique position and feeling the strongest connection, emotional understanding, and empathy. The message of the first person has changed the stories of the world as a place of action of gods and heroes over which we have no power - it merges and destroys borders, it is easy to lose the border between the novelist and the reader himself (who also can become a messenger for a while).

However, in this case, the narrator, although endowed with deep sincerity and compassion, is the death. I am intrigued by the emotional saturation of the narrative and the messenger's cynical and humorous remarks - the image of death. It is as divine as it is human.

Through parables (schemer, alien, witch, schizophrenic, mother, abuser, woman, myth, happiness, muse, deported, anger, apocalypse, betrayed, heroin, eternity, purification, melancholy, victory, suffering, art, liberator, murderer, creator, passion, jealousy, wisdom, goddess, crisis, revenge, aggression, love, life, unconscious, earth, pest, compassion, old wise-woman) in the image of death, I see the archetype of the Great Mother archetype described by Karl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology. An image with an ambivalent structure, a universal symbol that reveals the life experience of every living being. The basis of human existence is embodied in the image of the Mother.

In my work Jason, do you remember? the screen becomes a mirror in which the viewer sees the image created by the author. The archetype of the Great Mother is a symbol, a divine image living in ancient myths and miracles, and, according to Jung's theories, in the collective unconscious of mankind, but at the same time, this image lives in every human being. The white, cracked image of the author is reminiscent of ashes or a time-honored ancient deity, or parched earth, or the obvious - an artist with lots of paint on her skin.

The video serves as a link between the viewer and the author. Regardless of the point in time at which the artist has made the recording, each time the viewer watches this video, the artist looks back as a mirror image. It means presence - both the meeting of the author and the viewer and the opportunity to look into eternity through the archetype of the Great Mother.

Video clips and 3D animation are recorded cyclicality. They contrast "living", natural records with "digital" experiences. The overwhelming visual oversaturation captures the feeling of anxiety and agitation of the clash of dualities – basic human interaction, perception vs the digital era, the smallness of everyday life vs the greatness of eternity.

The title of the work is a reference to the text of the play Medea of the ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides.

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