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It starts with a (heart)beat

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An honour to sign language.

Creative direction by Anne Kamps
Directed by Mikki Sindhunata
Cinematography by Gijs Wilbers
Choreography by Lucinda Wessels
Music composed by Yanay Bonomo
Lyrics [below] written and performed by Equivocal
Translation to International Sign by Gomer Otterspeer & Daniel Schoevaart

Editing by Daan Adèr
Grading by Qianwei Tong (Captcha)
Sounddesign by Tjeerd Melchers (Korrel Film)


1st AD: Guido Jeurissen (Rauwkost Collective)
2nd AD: Caylee Nielen
Focuspullers: Jason Hornung & Bo Zonneveld
Gaffer: Tjeerd Melchers
Light Assistant: Filippo Ficozzi
Production assistant: Boris Berg
Art Director: Mikki Sindhunata
Stylist: CJ Perez
Styling Assistant: Perrine Philomeen
Setdresser: Iris Schutgevaar
Costume designer: Anne Kamps
Hair & Make-up: Asha Goercharan
Catering: Wereldbowls
Behind the scenes photography: Marsa Bruinen and Perrine Philomeen

Special thanks to: Mind Body & Soul School of Art / Roche Apinsa - Dansacademie Lucia Marthas - Lites - Het Raam - Captcha Amsterdam: Marcel Oudendijk & Andrea Bodnár - Locatiewerk - Selma Hengeveld - Marco Berg - Yorick Spilker - Noa Silver


With an inability to lie and your feelings you can't hide
Where you listen with your eyes and ya' senses delight
This isn't disability with audibility denied
This is being alive.

Intonations in facial expressions,
Hand rotating and so many lessons
There's so much more to us than the words of a sentence,
And when your intentions have no hiding place,

Your tendons state the expressions you convey
I thank you for the type of bravery that you embrace,
You don't need a hearing aid or need to translate,
So speak with your hands, your body and face.

Signs of language that surround us all
Signs that vanish when there's no sound at all,
Signs of vantage when action calls
Reminders of the language that binds us all.

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