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It: Chapter Two - Character FX Showreel (2019)

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This is the free video It: Chapter Two - Character FX Showreel (2019) that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video It: Chapter Two - Character FX Showreel (2019).

Some of the 130+ shots I've worked on for the It: Chapter Two movie during 2 months as a Character FX artist.

Here are my main tasks on that project :
- Main character CFX rig : Pennywise's giant spider metamorphosis (cloth and hair).
- Automatic and modular CFX rig to switch between the different heads / tentacles / spikes..
- Fully scalable CFX rig with automatic restshape system based on distances and angles (custom HDAs development in VEX).
- Post-Skin Deformation system (custom HDAs development in VEX).
- About 15 custom HDAs development used in the CFX rig (VEX).
- CFX rig driven and sent on the farm by a batch command run in the Linux console with all the switch options.
- First simulation run on all the shots.
- Python script development used by the CG Supervisor to check the bind pose and all the intersections in the caches delivered by animation (creation of movie clips in batch command using Houdini's OpenGL).
- Batch command creation to generate presentation movie clips with standardized display for the VFX Supervisor's approval using Houdini's OpenGL.
- Automatic body clean and post-simulation clean systems.
- Saliva, gums deformation and blood stain rigs integration in the main CFX rig.
- Tongue and Saliva dripping on window CFX setup with custom solver.
- Tee-shirt tearing CFX rig.
- Head CFX rig used to replace actor's head on some shots (saliva, gums deformation, hair).
- In charge of all the CFX rigs and shots simulation for the "hallucinogenic" animated sequence.
(Houdini, Carbon solver, Vellum solver for tests)

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