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Indecision in the Market - Double Bars

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Recognizing double bars on the charts will help you read the indecision in the market. Watch an exclusive excerpt from our Academy.
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We have consulted with Dr Clifford Vance Cast, Delta Trading Group, SP500 E-mini Trading Group, and the micro E-mini Trading Group in the marketing of this officially sanctioned video on Futures Trading.


One of the most important price action symbols is the double bar. This video is
just a small excerpt straight from our Academy, where we teach you how to day
trade. Take a look at these three candlestick patterns. The first one is
the double bar. The double bar is basically two mirrored bars forming in
opposite directions. You see this first bar is green. Therefore, the closing price was higher than the opening price. Immediately in the next time frame, the bar starts to move downward, or it goes bearish, and it's blue. These two bars mirror image each other making a double bar pattern. The reason double bar patterns are so important, is that they mimic the doji. However, instead of going up and then down, or down and then up in the same time frame, they do it over multiple time frames. So if you look at a double bar, it's kind of like a 10 minute doji, if
you were working on a 5-minute Candlestick time frame. Again, while the
doji might go up and then retrace on its own price and end at the same price that
it started at in its own time frame, the double bar will make a movement and then retrace back and end where it started up only over multiple time frames. It can take someone several weeks or several months to learn how to recognize
candlesticks and tweezer patterns however, on our charts all you have to do
is recognize them by the “DB" that is above or below the candlestick that the
double bar took place on.

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