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Incident 8D analysis using OccuCare.mp4

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This is the free video Incident 8D analysis using OccuCare.mp4 that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video Incident 8D analysis using OccuCare.mp4.

This video depicts that how you can manage Incident Inspection using OccuCare (Occupational Health, Safety, and Employee Wellness Software) 8D analysis. for more information Click here 1. Safety Head and Department head can decide if the inspection is required or not.

2. Inspection will be done using the 8D Analysis format

3. Following is the process or steps in OccuCare to do 8D Analysis –

3.1. Team Formation – deciding who will do the investigation, be the leader, can also include
the experts

3.2. Problem/Incident Description – define what, when, where, who and how regarding the incident.

3.3. Define the containment action is taken – what actions were taken, and who took these
actions when the incident occurred

3.4. Root Cause Investigation – First identify multiple probable root causes, validate these root causes, confirmation of root causes also mentions the reasons for the same.

3.5. Why-Why Analysis- Questioning regarding the incident, and get to the main root cause

3.6. Preventive Action – Define actions that need to be taken to prevent such incidents. Define roles and responsibilities to a staff/employee/worker.

3.7. Corrective Action Verification – Verify if the preventive actions were taken

3.8. Preventive Occurrence – Store the various documents related to HIRA, SOP, PM Check, and others

3.9. Horizontal deployment – If similar conditions are there in other department, then they are also supposed to take the same corrective actions in their department.

3.10. Team Recognition – congratulate the team and close the investigation.

4.Web & Mobile based system

5.Team members will get different notifications as per the role and steps when they are involved

6.Reporting can also be checked through mobile app

7.Dashboard to get update on the current investigations going on

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