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How to manage your finances in your 30s? Benchmark #2

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Once you have looked at paying-off your debt based on the 12-steps reviewed in the last episode it will be important to increase your investing. Looking at your budget once the debt has been cleared, you will figure out what you have leftover to invest. Looking at tax-favored investing options will be key to accomplishing your long term goals. Not allowing a fear of missing out, but making sure that you are coming up with a plan that allows you to steadily invest without trying to time the markets. It’s important to build a plan based upon your goals ranging from the financial independence retire early movement for someone who wants to retire in their 30’s or 40’s to working a career that takes you into your 50’s or 60’s. Working a plan that works based on the vision you have developed, will be especially important. Looking at some retirement plan options will help you begin this process!

Jared created Millennial Margin out of necessity, as he has watched countless people schedule-away, mortgage-up, and max-out their lives. Margin is simply the antithesis, providing leeway in an increasingly margin-less culture.

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Goal/Disclaimer: My goal with [Margin] is to prepare you with the knowledge but then inspire you to act on that knowledge. My goal is to be in your corner bridging the gap between your trusted CPA, attorney, and financial planner. My advice is simply from my own personal experiences and is not meant to override or replace professional advice from your trusted investment professional. The content found here is for entertainment purposes only.


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