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How to be Satiated in the Dark (Animation)

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How to be Satiated in the Dark

“Ghost town” is a geographical phenomenon when houses and apartments are being built in greater numbers than demanded. With only a few families taking residence in a largely empty area, these “homes” no longer seem to fit the supposed warm, comforting idea of “home”. Developers keep building more and more apartments in order to attract people for investment. The empty buildings which exist in the area make the section where they were constructed gradually became a “ghost zone”.

How to be Satiated in the Dark is a docu-fictional project that I began producing in the summer of 2019. By tracing my dream, my family history, and my deepest and fragmented subconscious memories of living experience at my childhood home, I aim to reveal my psychological belonging to my provenance.

The 3D models in the animation are accomplished by Photogrammetry, which is a digital simulation process of reconstructing the object or landscape by assembling photographic materials. By photographing and constructing photographs from the villa zone in my hometown, I created a virtual replica of my childhood home and the ghost zone. The process of virtually moving inside the abstract and pixelated computer-generated buildings is similar to the progress of searching for an uncertain longing: I am wandering in the familiar yet detached space which exists as an anchor in my life.

My ultimate goal is not seeking a solution for the mundane architecture that is a product of the complexity of greed. Although the project has rarely been discussed directly through a socio-political position, it focuses on delivering a story that provokes the viewers’ phenomenological contemplation between their self-perception and the living space.

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