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Hopscotch Backpedal Sprint

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The drill’s hopscotch movements strengthen the abductors and groin, an important muscle group that aides powerful hip extension to increase explosiveness as well as rotational power.

Backpedaling is a universal movement that most athletes will use countless times during a game or match.

Training under resistance, while performing this reverse motion, allows greater workload to lower body muscle groups during concentric muscle action for greater force development when changing directions.

Adding sprints to the last leg of the drill, will help athletes, not only develop efficient change in direction and effective running form to aide quickness but also improves speed endurance to help combat fatigue during competition.


• At the starting point, facing their training partner, the Athlete will begin in a loaded athletic stance, with their feet hip-width apart and toes pointed perfectly straight.

• They will lean forward keeping the chest and nose just in front of their toes, with knees slightly bent above 90 degrees.

• On the partner’s cue, the athlete will begin hopscotching, overcoming a comfortable, yet challenging amount of strap resistance.

• The athlete will take small quick repetitive hops backward, on the balls of the feet, while evenly spreading both feet as wide as the hips and then pulling the feet closer together without allowing the feet to touch.

• The athlete will maintain a low body position while using their feet as quickly as possible to hop in and out, advancing backward for 5 to 10 yards before transitioning into the first backpedal for another 5-10 yards.

• As most of the kick comes from the knees down, the athlete should sink their hips for a good amount of knee bend while maintaining weight on the balls of their feet with their feet close to the ground to benefit faster changes in direction.

• At the third marker or desired distance, the athlete will transition into another hopscotch pattern, maintaining the proper form for 5-10 yards before switching to a second round of backpedaling with arms bent 90-degrees and swinging quickly to help tempo.

• While backpedaling it is important to maintain the same head level; keeping the nose over the toes, so the athlete can turn and run smoothly when needed.

• When the athlete completes the 5-10 yards, they will be in the launch zone. The partner will pull the release strap, allowing the athlete to transfer the reverse loaded energy into rapid acceleration and sprint for 20-30 yards.

• As the athlete overcomes the backward momentum, they will need to use the proper 45-degree forward lean and take several reverse steps to decelerate.
• Once the athlete counters the backward motion, they will extend their back-leg’s hip, knee and ankle forcefully striking the ground and pushing it away as the opposite leg is punched up and out.

• The athlete should focus on short, quick strides which helps minimize vertical energy and projecting upward when the aim is efficient forward movement during the acceleration phase.

• The athlete will perform the drill, switching between the Hopscotches and Backpedals twice, every 5-10 yards for a total of 20-30 yards total, then change direction at the launch point and sprint 20-30 yards through the starting point for one rep.

• Execute 4-8 Reps with 2 minutes of recovery time.

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