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HOLES - The best Disney (TM) movie I ever animated!

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I'm an Emmy winning animator (Spielberg/Tom Hanks/HBO) but the best movie I ever worked on was HOLES for Disney. They were just going to distribute it and were total cost cutters (typical Disney. They won't pay a penny but their CEOs make so much money people who work at Disneyland can't afford to live in Anaheim. Later they outsourced me to London and New Zealand).

Disney saw that the near final edit was a GREAT movie that appealed to BOYS. So they bought the rights to do more than distribute. Disney has princesses down but boys are much too cynical to fall for them. "Disney" to boys means kid stuff and every year they get hipper and younger. This is what toymakers call "Getting older younger." They would rather watch the Simpsons or South Park when it comes to animation.

But HOLES is a boys story that has little action, little toy appeal, all character and plot, racial murder, child abuse and Simpsons type attitude. And this is DISNEY! The White schoolteacher blows a guy's brains out for killing her Black boyfriend! Kissing Kate Barlow!

Tops MARY POPPINS to me as best live action Disney movie (Poppins too episodic). And I animated the climactic moment the stolen shoes rise up into the air and the spell is broken. I am so proud to have animated that shot! (although if you look close the the shoestrings go through each other :)

At that point I had achieved my career dream and now, I don't care if Catholics spits on me or Scientology sues me six times. I've already achieved animating the best shot in the Best Disney Live Action movie ever!

And where did I look that up about best anything? I didn't. I just feel it in my heart ...

I can only hope that my public Gaythiesm can bring a better future just like the levitating sneakers in HOLES. That shot is the pivot point where the movie suddenly has a happy ending.

I just want my work as a post-Disney animator to help us achieve that state. Where the tide turns and suddenly things go our way.


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