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Hiking Convict Creek Trail to Mildred, Edith Lakes

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Join KV and John as they backpack from Convict Lake along the Convict Creek trail to explore alpine lakes in the High Sierras. They camp at Mildred Lake and Edith Lake and also hike along Lake Dorothy, Genevieve Lake, and Bighorn Lake. They enjoyed crafted cocktails and gourmet trail meals at the end of each day. This was a trip to remember.

Convict Lake has a storied "Wild West" past that would make Dodge City, Tombstone, and Carson City blush. Several convicts escaped from a Nevada prison and holed up in the Sierra mountains robbing-killing locals until they were pursued by a Sheriff posse ending in a deadly shootout for both sides. All the surviving fugitives were lynched by the locals. On the geological side, Convict Lake and surrounding mountains are millions if not billions of years old. It is quite amazing to see the Earth peeled back exposing millions upon millions of years of the Her history for all to see. You can see it in the images I captured. It's like the Grand Canyon got squished into 1/10 size.

Live simple. Live well.


Filmed on DJI: Osmo Action 2.7K, Cine-D, 30 fps; and iPhone X, 4K, 30 fps
Edited on an iPad using LumaFusion and Apple Photos
Color graded using Leeming LUT Pro
ND filters by Polar Pro
Tripod PGYTech

Theme songs written by KV Adventures

Music by Epidemic Sounds
"Like a River (Instrumental)" Nbhd Nick
"True North" Trevor Kowalski
"Harry's Dream Harry Edvino
"Duck in a Box" Jobii
"Coyote Evening" Martin Klem
"Fairy Prion" Dust Follows
"Mastermind" David Celeste

Crafted Cocktails featured:

Old fashioned:
1/2 oz bitters ("Strongwater" Old Fashioned Syrup)
2 oz. *chilled Bourbon whiskey (Makers Mark "46")
Splash water (optional)
Orange slice, twist, and tart cherry garnish
- muddle bitters/syrup with orange twist and tart cherry, add Bourbon, splash water, enjoy!

Dirty Martini:
2 oz. *chilled vodka (Chopin potato vodka)
1.1 oz. (30g) mylar bag of olives
- pour chilled vodka into olive bag, enjoy

*stream chilled to replace lack of ice cubes in the Wilderness

Andrew Skurka's Gourmet Trail Recipes:

Pesto Noodles:

Cheesy Potatoes (I sub w/vegan cheese)

Polenta and Peppers:

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