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Hawkwoods #ClimateActionLab 4-6 Mar 2020

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“We don't understand the consequences of our actions. What we do as a species affects this planet through a mixture of accident and design, and that accidental element is becoming more and more dangerous, incredibly dangerous. And so a response to this situation is to slow down and become more thoughtful about everything we do.” – Mike Berners Lee

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking is running an innovative Climate Action Lab from 4-6 March 2020 with renowned author Mike Berners Lee and other exceptional business and thought leaders. This climate lab is an participatory learning journey on how, either individually or as a business, we can take responsibility and tackle the all-important question of climate change within our daily lives. The time is now!

To book visit :
Or call 01453 759034
Prices start from: £55
Residential and non-residential options.

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