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Happy Holidays - Blender Eevee

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With the holidays offering a window of time I thought I'd try out blender with the 2.8 release.
A first time user of Blender, longtime 3D artist, I was really impressed.

Eevee gpu renderer, in particular, seemed a great option to add to the GPU rendering I normally use (Redshift or Unity). The anti-aliasing quality and sampling makes eevee standout over game engines for non-real time work. The familiar 3d animation interface and options, for typical animation, are very straight forward without any realtime concerns. Features such as SubSurface scattering, volumetrics, AO, Screen Space Reflections, DOF, Refraction and so on are easy to use and setup.

In this scene all lighting, shading, texture painting and was inside blender.

As a first time Blender user, the character and props were modelled and unwrapped using Maya and Zbrush, largely due to being a first time blender user.

This was made with Blender 2.81 on a "not so new or flash" pc workstation.

Eevee in particular makes Blender a very attractive option for freelancers or small studios and definitely worth a try.

Blender is open source and can be downloaded here:

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