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Title: gut
Form: Interactive Performance (installation, sound, arduino, ultrasonic sensor)
Format: Object (hut, 2m * 2m), Performer (Yunda Suh)
Year of production: 2019
I saw a very strong light.
It wasn't a long time. I watched the work for about 5 seconds. And after catching the line of sight from the work, it remained in my eyes in the form of the light. It was an afterimage.
Suddenly there was a huge sense of fear.
I can't even touch it, but I can't hear it, but it's an afterimage of light. I don't know how long this afterimage will remain in my eyes, but I'm afraid.
I considered.
Afterimage and trauma. This doesn't make a big difference. It's a very subtle difference.
Some phenomena remain in the body and mind. If it's beautiful, it's an afterimage, and if it's scary, it's a shock.
What is the greatest fear of trauma?
I think the biggest fear is not knowing how long this fear will last.
'Gut' is the rites performed by Korean shamans, involving offerings and sacrifices to gods, spirits and ancestors. They are characterised by rhythmic movements, songs, oracles and prayers. These rites are meant to create welfare, promoting commitment between the spirits and humankind.
I decided to do 'gut' so that I can escape the trauma.
The afterimage of light Since I started with the story of the trauma, there is always light behind me. Light is a memory and causes trauma.
Constantly trying to escape from that light.
Light continues to exist in different forms. My movement approaches and distant the light, but it doesn't make the light disappear.
That movement creates new results. This is expressed in sound in this work.
Sounds that cannot be analyzed, new sounds emerge through my movements. I keep moving under the influence of light, but this movement (to get out of the light) creates a new sound. In other words, creating a new trauma.
Yes. There is no complete cure.
It's just getting closer and farther away.
But nevertheless, I do ‘gut’. With sound and dance. To overcome this trauma.
Then I suddenly realized.
To get out of the trauma, see the trauma properly, delete it clearly and walk in a different direction... There is no other solution.
[Technical memo]
I connected Max and Arduino.
If you come close to the ultrasonic sensor, a sound specified for that distance will sound.

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