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GravityStar - Animated PSA

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A young man strolls along a coastal road, cheerily indifferent to the chaos he walks amid as people, vehicles, and animals drift into space. However, he remains firmly anchored to the earth, as he has equipped himself with the NEW GravityBoots™ from GravityStar™! 
This animated public service announcement illustrates a hypothetical scenario in which a viable environmentalist response to one of earth’s vanishing natural resources is presented to the public through a product as absurd as bottled air: artificial gravity. You heard that right, folks. While your toes can still touch the ground, you would be wise to ensure that they can do so in the future. 
I hope, in addition to providing comedic value, that this public service advert—erm—announcement alludes to the West’s current economic and political climate around the topic of environmentalism. Through the cunning and power of colossal corporations, who go about their merry way while only espousing environmentalist actions for mere consumers, meaningful change becomes a responsibility cast upon the relatively powerless. The voiceover’s cheery/aggressive/urgent shifts in tone illuminate this dynamic. The two references in the animated logo may remind the viewer once more of a plutocratic cocktail. 
Perhaps the most challenging step of this project was creating aesthetics that fit the desired mood: comedic and cartoony, yet bleak. For the background art, I heavily referenced early Disney artists (namely, Eyvind Earle). I was inspired by the wonky exaggeration of Chuck Jones’s “Tom and Jerry” as well as the silhouetted stylization used in “Cowboy Bebop”. 

Created in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and Illustrator for DTC 435 (Advanced Animation) at Washington State University Vancouver. 
Audio sources: 
Voiceover: Dillon Gohl 
Music: Handel Sarabande by Kouichi Yamazaki  
Footsteps: Sounditune on YouTube 
Boot Hum: Dislocator by Jaraxe on Freesound 
Logo Woosh: Glaneur de Sons on Freesound 
Finger Snap: Dastudiospr on Freesound 

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