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#GetRadical Holyrood

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It's time to #GetRadical! ⚡️ We need you to e-mail your MSP/MP and ask them to get radical about Climate change!

As a collective of outdoor and action sports communities, we know radical when we see it. We actively seek it out and praise it. Well, unfortunately, Rad wasn’t the word that sprung to mind when reading the proposed legislation for Scotland’s new climate bill. �
We have limited time to stop the irreversible catastrophic effects of climate change. Scotland’s updated legislation isn’t radical enough and we need you to e-mail your MSP/MP and ask them to get #GetRadicalon climate change.
POW UK is urging MSPs in the Scottish Parliament to amend the new bill to set more ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets, ensure public spending is aligned with emission reduction plans and commit to specific policy changes to reduce emissions across a range of sectors.
Ministers will debate the new legislation at the start of February, so we don’t have long.
So take action NOW by emailing your MSP and MP.
Head to our #GetRadical campaign page to learn more:

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