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Last year I dedicated time to create personal work - different loop animations with a geometric theme. I had the idea to play with simple geometric shapes and to experiment with pace and timing. My goal was to give a feeling of timeless, without boundaries, while finding creative connections transitioning between different worlds.
By maintaining the simplicity of the design, it gave me the freedom to express my animation skills. It was super exciting and interesting to work on each loop. I’ve just compiled each piece to create a full video and tell a story.

I consider sound to be extremely important and can have strong impact to your work. I had the idea to collaborate with different sound designers to take over different sections of the animation. I reached out to 4 talented sound designers (Joe Basile , Yuta Endo, Ambrose Yu, Wesley Slover ) whose work I’ve followed for some time now.

The best part is that they all accepted the challenge, which brought more life to this exciting project. They all put together amazing work, creating different moods along with the animation, so BIG thank you to you guys!! Killer team and great to work with :)

I hope you’re enjoying watching it.



Sound Design :
00:00 - 00:11 / Joe Basile ( )

00:12 - 00:20 / Yuta Endo ( / )

00:20 - 00:29 / Ambrose Yu (

00:30 - 00:46 / Wesley Slover ( )

Animation / Design :
Romain Loubersanes ( )

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