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Foodborne Illness - Project One

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For our first project in Advanced Animation, we were asked to create a thirty second animation about a social issue in Vancouver, WA. After coming down with the norovirus for a week, being stuck at home with horrifying symptoms, I decided to focus on foodborne illness. Rather than being a social issue in just Vancouver, the issue spans across the entire country. Norovirus is the most common foodborne illness passed around. Many people know it as the stomach flu, but it’s food poisoning and has no relation to the flu. Though it is highly contagious, so it is easy to contaminate food just by being sick yourself. All it takes is rubbing your hand against a surface and touching food to contaminate the food. So, it’s very important to keep your hands, surfaces, and utensils used to cook clean. It’s not just other people’s health, it’s also your own. That said, there’s several other forms of foodborne illness that can have more severe symptoms and even cause death for some. E.Coli and Salmonella being a couple of them. It’s easy for foods to grow germs when they are improperly handled. If they aren’t cooked enough or if they aren’t properly cooled, they can become sources of sickness. Even if they are cooked and kept cool the way they’re supposed to, raw foods can contaminate ready to eat foods and cause the same problem as if they weren’t cooked properly. It’s important to store food properly. Stay safe, clean, and healthy.

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