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Follow-up to Sound Control Removed By Windows Update.mp4

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This video is Part 2, a follow-up to the video. “US Government Computer Hacking Against US Veteran - Sound Control Taken Away”. This too is an extemporaneous recording of my plight to live a normal life and complete even the most routine actions on my PC. I have dozens of recordings of how Windows Operating System is used as a harassment tool against me, and this confirms yet another. In the previous video, I said that a Windows update was the origin of the issues with control of my computer’s sound. On cue, last night a Windows update removed the block on my access to controlling the sound devices on my PC. This is typical and has happened many times; once you catch them red-handed, they stop that tactic and move on to the next, but it NEVER stops. Watch – Learn, Share please.
Background INFO:
I am but one of thousands of test subjects for the US Government’s current Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Behavior Modification programs. RNM is the ability to remotely intercept human thought and body function across a broad spectrum, from respiration and heart rate, to pain, hearing, thoughts, and muscle movements, among others. It is likely base on the original “US Patent, US 6011991 A, Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity”. Behavior Modification is the ultimate goal, to be able to monitor all human activity in real time for anyone on the planet, to anticipate their next action, and to be able to redirect, change, or alter those actions or outcomes at will. RNM is based on the ability to intercept normally emitted frequencies from the human body, that are amplified through the use of nano-particles that were secretly administered to their victims, along with micro transceivers that are placed in multiple locations on the victims’ bodies. The program’s full-scale human trials that began in late 2012 are now complete, and global implementation began in 2020 and should be complete by the end of 2021. From their Full-scale Operational Trials perspective, currently their primary focus is to eliminate and/or gain complete control of their semi free-roaming test subjects, which includes me. Their first line of defense is to break their victims psychologically, or at least direct sufficient psychological torture to force their victims to say or do something to facilitate their fully compliant Mental Health coconspirators’ ability to provide false diagnosis of mental illness, thereby eliminating their victims’ ability to testify on their own behalf in court. Alternatively, if their psychological operations fail to meet that goal, they find creative ways to end their victim’s lives. I have literally thousands of these recordings about actions designed to inflict the greatest psychological harm possible, one small harassment at a time, dozens of times a day, hoping to break my will. I am strong, as strong as I have ever been, if not stronger. But I also realize that the truth is all I have left to protect me from this diabolical operation. Your knowledge of this operation and its implications for you and your family, since this program was tested on me to get it ready for full deployment on you, has reminded me that this was never about me. To our government operators, I am just a test animal on the way to the ultimate prize, you. Please share and visit my website for more information.

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