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FLOTZ is a new role game with a sci-fi flavour, amazingly adrenalinic and utterly entertaining. Its fingerprint is three-fold:
A role-set, easy and accommodating, capable of dealing great satisfaction to noobs as well as to expert players. you can play Flotz for an entire evening with a “quick and dirty” campaign or instead choosing a party session with many more smaller missions embedded in a unique and complex story-plot.
An innovative dice system based set of rule (FullDiceSystem), permits players to roll an enormous amount of dice letting each player in ecstasy for the damage or benefits he/she can deliver with it.
A very non straight forward progression will build up your character. There are no levels, classes, races, gender or special abilities. Only mutations, drugs, cybernetic implants, powerful weapons, super fast vehicles, exoskeletons, a huge range of lethal and useful gadgets...will let your characters alive in a pitiless universe.
Are you ready to evolve?

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