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2D Explainer animation about wet wipes and their environmental effect.

We all know about the problem with plastics polluting our seas and land but are you aware wet wipes are just as harmful?

Wet wipes cause the water and waste industry over £100M / year to sort out. These costs are ultimately passed onto you, the householder.

So why are wet wipes so harmful?

When flushed down the toilet, wet wipes cause over 50% of all sewage flooding of domestic property and sewage pollution of watercourses.

90% of wet wipes contain plastic which means it takes a long time to breakdown, resulting in blockage of our sewers.

Wet wipes are effectively single use plastic that, even when disposed of correctly, ends up in landfills, further contributing to global pollution.

Most manufacturers claim their wet wipes are toilet flushable because they pass their own tests. This is highly misleading to the consumers, as voiced by the Water Industry.

The solution to this pollution problem is simple.

One, we need to move away from wet wipes and towards moist tissue that is made from truly flushable materials.

Two, all other wet wipes should be marked with “DO NOT FLUSH” in large letters. Similar to the law on cigarette packaging, every packet should include pictures of pollution caused by wet wipes.

Three, the public should follow the 3-P-rule. Only Pee, Poo, and Paper can be flushed down the toilet.

For more advice and information, contact WRC.

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