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Exercise 1 composition

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Introduction to Media Production ENGL 206
Exercise 1 – Visual Composition
100 points (10%)

Take photos that demonstrate the 10 following compositional principles.
Shoot all photos in landscape (with a horizontal framing.)
Following the Rule of Thirds as much as possible when completing this assignment
1.) Dot – a composition that demonstrates smallness and surroundness

2.) Vertical line – alertness and action

3.) Horizontal line – repose and relaxation

4.) Diagonal – dynamic

5.) Circle – endlessness, warmth, protection

6.) Pattern/repetition – repeating of an object throughout the frame

7.) Symmetry – same on both side of the frame, formal balance

8.) Asymmetrical balance – balanced compositionally, but no symmetrical

9.) Triangular composition

10.) Divine spiral composition

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