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Ephemeral Enemy, Eternal Battle

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Made for the Collective Lacie Action Scene Challenge, this follows Joe as he deals with his cigarette addiction. Outside, it's a normal day, but inside his body is working overtime to get him to finally quit.
Ephemeral Enemy, Eternal Battle
Created by: Garrett Schulte
Written by: Garrett Schulte
Directed by: Garrett Schulte and Christine Penn
Cinematographer: Christine Penn
Choreographed by: Garrett Schulte
Joe: August Robinson
The Craving: Garrett Schulte
Boom Operators: Mary Rose and Cody Sloan
Sound Design: Garrett Schulte
Props: Garrett Schulte
Thank you to the Communications Building Staff at UCSD for letting us use Studio 140.
Thank you to everyone who helped with fine-tuning this project, Jeremy Merrifield, Mary Glenn, Christine Penn, August Robinson, Jolene and Peter Schulte, Nancy and Tony Clark, among many others.
This project uses a plethora of sounds, some recorded on my own and others used from Those sounds can be found below:
“Punch Sounds” by uEffects (
“punch 7.aif” by Cast Iron Carousel (
“Hit sounds” by altfuture (
“Swing Whoosh.wav” by yutface (
“Punch Sound.wav” by jason130178 (
“Kung Fu Cabbage – 10 Raw Punches.wav) by sonictechtonic (
“Strong Melee Swing” by SypherZent (, originally “Arrow Whoosh 2 .R” by saturdaysoundguy (
“slaps_A.wav” by fisu (
“Blunt Force Impact.wav” by jgrifie919 (
“Heavy Impacts” RICHERlandTV (
“Slap Hit” by qubodup (
“Plastic Packet/bag (punching Holes” by 180242 (
“Hitting Wood” by altfuture (
“Talll Grass Hits 2.wav” by worthahep88 (
“Hard Glass Impact” by deleted_user_3656686 (
“Gravel impact 3” by jorickhoofd (
“Punch_Pack.flac” by utti6463 (
“Swoosh48.wav” by kwahmah_02 (
“WOOSH PROCESSED.wav” by SkyernAklea (
“Torch_Swinging Quickly 1.wav” by kev_durr (
“Bamboo Swing” by InspectorJ (
“Close Combat Thick Stick Whistle Whiz Whoosh through Air” by cjfilmmaker (CJ Johnson) (
“Multiple Swishes.mp3” by deleted_user_6479820 (
“Crack and Crunch” by Aurelon (
“Ice break” by humanoide9000 (
“Metal Scratching” by Benjamin Nelan (
“Orange Swuash/Head Smash;gory” by Australopithecusman (
“Blood_Drips_Tomato.wav” by melissapons (
“Long Wet Pepper Crunch with Rip.wav” by minituffy (
“Cracking/Crunching, A.wav” by InspectorJ (
"Bird Whistling, Single, Robin, A.wav" by InspectorJ (

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