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Edyta Mąsior Laiki #6 Storm 2017

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The Laiki series is an example of an artwork that is presented as an interactive paradigm. It consists of a number of installations connected by theme, form, and structure, each of which constitutes a separate whole and functions as an independent piece itself. The nature of the work is site-specific, and luminescent quality, expressed by way of light strings, has a dual function: one of being a construction (a structure of geometry) that, engages the viewer visually, and the other as a piece of musical composition, as an auditory experience. The structure of the strings–fishing lines provides the core of an integrated operating system, i.e. a form that allows sensory interaction to be created by way of haptic input. The invariant spatial nature of the work alludes to the idea of music, as metaphor. The interactive nature of the piece, introduces and reprises temporal forms (in music reprise means repetition), within which the spectator can be directly involved. The work draws attention to the communicative aspect of the interactor, in which the latter’s role and its possibilities (i.e. active and passive dispositions) enable a semantic analysis to be made of at model–viewer and an imagined–viewer, in a space where the transformation of signifiers is created by way of action (i.e. interaction).

The sensation of real space (the marketplace) serves as a model for the structure of the media space.


2017 : Sillicon Hill, Twardowska Building, TVP Cracow, Poland

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