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Dynamic Hair Blender 2.83

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I make computer graphics pictures and animations as a hobby. My current project is a short film which requires learning many aspects of computer graphics, Blender, and film making.

This video shows my efforts to use dynamic hair with collisions. My progress so far, problems encountered, and the resources used are covered below.


Blender has had dynamic hair for several versions but the hair would not collide with objects. It would pass through them. Workarounds were devised such as applying a thin form fitting force field to a character but they seldom produced good results.

Blender 2.83 introduced long awaited collision to the hair simulation. This is my first attempt to use it.

The simulation took about an hour to bake. The cycles render took 16 to 21 seconds per frame.

The character has 1000 parent hairs and 30 child hairs for each parent. Grooming, dynamics, etc. effects the parents while children are placed around their parents and follow the parent’s path.

Next I will give the character eyelashes and eyebrows.


Blender 2.83 hair collision works for parent hairs but not for child hairs. This means child hairs still penetrate the collider objects. A workaround for this is to use only parent hairs. This eliminates penetration but introduces very long bake times and only child hairs have styling features like curl.

Groom the hair in Particle Edit so the dynamic simulation has a reasonable starting point. The dynamics will straighten any complex grooming. The stiffness attribute may preserve some styling.

The dynamic hair can collide with all objects that have Collision in the Physics panel. This includes the emitter objects such as a character. You can limit the collisions to objects in a collection.

Wind force fields cause unexpected and unpleasant results. Maybe there are settings to adjust to correct that.

B2.83 Cycles won’t render hair unless:
- Check "hair" box on Render Properties tab.
- Check "hair" box on View Layer Properties tab, filter section. Only present for Cycles render mode. The viewport doesn't update when you click this box so change the view to wireframe and back to rendered.

The hair will tend to get on a character’s face. Accessories like hair clips could hold it back or invisible collider objects placed to block movement over the face could work.

High friction settings are needed for good results on characters or clothes.


Blender 2.83 – Main Program

Auto-Rig Pro – Add-on for Blender

Daz Studio 4.12 – Character Model

HitFilm Express 14.3 – Video Editing

Environment image from

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