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Storyboard Animatic for episode 205, sequences 17-18, of THE DRAGON PRINCE. I composed and illustrated the boards from script, the animatic was timed and edited by the talented team at Bardel. It's nicely affirming that it got all the way through edit without significant revisions... I lost an establishing shot, gained the gag with the guards, lost what I thought was a cute emotional beat with Harrow's sword but maybe it was too over the top. One of the best parts of working on DPR was the creative back-and-forth we were allowed as the story developed.

It had been a while since I'd gotten to choreograph any fighting action, so I was happy to get an opportunity to step back into that with a challenging duel. It's a lot harder than it looks at first glance, to set up a fight sequence where you don't want either party to "win", and it was fun finding ways for the characters to play off each other emotionally as well as physically. Also finding places to naturally stop combat so they can talk to each other. I liked setting them up intimately close at first, and then pushing them apart as they argue.

I also had some fun with the follow-up scene, where I tried to continue emphasizing that physical and emotional bond, starting out with Sarai presenting as regal but moving back to intimacy as we reinforce that these two are a team. I can't remember if the script specified the rainstorm, but I definitely took advantage of that to add some ominous foreshadowing mood, suggesting that the thunder cueing along somewhat portentious bits of dialogue.

Hard to say how successful that was, but I had a good time trying.

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