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Do Androids Feel like Dancing?

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Do Androids Feel like Dancing? (2019)

About thirty performers playing Android (artificial humans, who are indistinguishable from humans), are mixed with the audience and watch the exhibition. Performers only have 1: 1 contact with the artist and do not know who the other performers are. Only the artist knows that they are performers, and this is kept secret until the end. The space in which the work is displayed is empty except for the time of the performance, and only the naked man who dances in a trance is reproduced repeatedly.

When it's time for a performance, two performers standing in front of the piece ask the audience by handing out the cards that say "search for the title of the piece, 'Do Androids feel like dancing?. Listen to the music that is being streamed online. Try to feel the emotion you have right now". People dancing around begin to appear. It's still unclear why they dance, and it's still unclear whether they are a performer or just the excited audience. The task that is given to the performers is "to listen to streaming music and dance more and more passionately. If there is a signal 5 minutes before the music ends, stay stationary like a mannequin for 5 minutes and leave naturally." Audiences and performers are mixed and dance without knowing whether the one who dances beside you is designed to dance, or just actually excited to dance by their free will. When the signal comes through online streaming (5 minutes before the music ends), performers(or the audience as well) stand there for a while, like dozens of standing sculptures, and leave the scene as naturally as the audience.

"I notice the moment when I want to dance. This doesn't seem to be the logical thing that happens at least by 'thinking judgment'. Like conditional reflections, we respond with a fluttering emotion to any rhythm or melody. What is this phenomenon? And can an artificial being have this phenomenon?"

"We do not yet know exactly what emotions are. Alan Turing suggests a game that determines whether an opponent reveals what attributes he or she does not know correctly, as evidence of the manifestation of the attribute. If you think about the game in this case now, we should assume that we are feeling emotions regardless of whether they are human or not when we see something that the other person thinks is feeling “feeling”.

"I would like to design a universal situation in which it is unlikely that it will be manipulated as a way of revealing an action that is judged to be feeling. In what situations are our feelings physically manifested? It should be a priori and universal reaction. We meet the above conditions when we dance to music. I compose a space that is 'mixed with music' by the role of the 'one who is given the role of reacting to the dance' and 'those who are not given the role but are expected to have similar reactions'. It also observes the mixed situation itself and leaves the share of those who try to understand and interpret it. In the space where the audience disguised as the audience and the audiences are mixed, we indirectly experience the situation mixed with the person disguised as a human being Android (Human and human disguised both exist in space without knowing whether each other is human or disguised as a human.) Do we feel like dancing? Do they feel like dancing? And how can we know it? Why do we feel like dancing? If we don't know why we want to dance, what is the difference between us who are dancing without knowing why and who are designed to dance in this situation?"

- Excerpt from the Artist's Note on Early thoughts-

Director: Kwanwoo Park
Engineer: Chan Lee
Performance Manager: Jaeseng Song
Composer: Minjae Jung
Project Assistant: Eunchong Choi

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