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Yihan Xiong's graduation work dilemma is an animation on the theme of "body shame". This is a 2D animation based on the inspiration of a surgery experience of her own and combined with current hot issues. Body shame has penetrated into all aspects of the society, it requires not only celebrities to maintain a perfect body, but also ordinary people. Yihan thinks that whether it is the pursuit of a slim body or a fuller body, it is just an aesthetic taste of a group effect. The unconscious behavior of a group replaced the conscious behavior of a individual, which is one of the most prominent characteristics of modern times. From the previous requirement of thin waist and big boobs to the present, cosmetic hospitals have become so morbid that they even offer the project of "blocking calf muscles", which is aimed to prevent women's calves from growing too many muscles and becoming strong. People have "divided" their bodies in an unhealthy way, and every inch of the bodies must meet the so-called public aesthetics. Those who achieve their goals will publicize their "success stories" to others, while those who fail will be overwhelmed by self body-shaming.Her animation transforms the external sound into entity and enters the protagonist's body. What really changes the body is her psychological effect, which is implied by the shadow in the animation.People began to question themselves because of the public's aesthetic or other people's evaluation, and they were not confident in their healthy body. Although external voices can cause anxiety, our own pressure is the decisive factor.

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