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My name is Destiny. I'm 13 years old and I'm in seventh grade.
My favorite subject in school is art. I love drawing.
Also love recess, but I can't do that no more. Because I'm in middle school.
I miss recess.
The type of stuff I like to draw is clothes and people.
I love doing fashion. I like drawing dresses and just making up my own clothes to draw.
My favorite thing to read is romantics.
I'm reading ‘Tropical Kiss’.
Yes, I am enjoying the book.
There’s this one part where they get kidnapped and they fight to get out
My favorite movie is ‘The Hunger Games’.
because it has a lot of action and adventure.
My favorite character on the ‘Hunger Games’ is Katniss Everdeen because she likes making changes.
And I like her because I like taking dangerous risks.
I’m not afraid of dares and I’m not afraid to do anything.
I like to jump off a cliff into the water.
I would describe myself as a gymnast.
I love learning how to do roundoffs and cartwheels.
If I could learn to do anything, it would probably be an arrow.
It’s my favorite move for gymnastics.
You have to do a cartwheel without no hands.
Adoption means to me that someone is taking you in and that they are going to care for you.
Something that makes me sad is not finding a family yet.
It makes me sad because I see a lot of my friends with families that love them
and I want to be like them.
Family means to me that someone is there whenever you're going through hard times.
What I like to do with family is have family nights, go to dinner, and just hang out.

MUSIC: In The Bag by Ian Kelosky

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