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This is the free video Design_At_Sketch_Draft_Shots_Vipp_Shelter that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video Design_At_Sketch_Draft_Shots_Vipp_Shelter.

This is a pet studio non commercial project that we started over a year ago for fun, we love the brand and specify their products when possible so we thought we would re-create the shelter in CGI. 

As we have been so busy I have decided to publish what we have so far (WIP of sorts) and intend to add to the project as it grows. For now we have Stills, a very short Previz interior animation and some footage we shot of our studios surrounding area for the backplates. We chose to put the shelters exterior shots into live action rather than CG environments to make it more of a challenge for us creating the project. 

Please keep in mind these are tests renders made over a period of time as we developed the scene so there will be different exterior environments. 

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