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Camila Ovando - Sebastián Namuncura


Problem: Every year we waste ⅓ of the food produced for human consumption. This action has an impact on the food shortage of a population significant proportion and the environmental detriment. Wasting food is wasting the natural resources that helped produce it.
Insight: Unfortunately, leaving untouched food is an attitude that has become so normal that we can see it everywhere. Even in advertising, the spots finish with the product being served without anyone eating it; for instance, the take closes with the soda bottles next to the logo abandoned with just a sip; burgers are left with just one bite. A series of scenes of food waste that we all see every day, and that nobody seems to care about.
Idea: #DeservedEnd
We will create the WFP version of the advertisement where now the product is consumed to the end. This will be an identical replica of the ends of the most famous ads where the food remains untouched. This way we will give to the ads and your food a #DeservedEnd.
Strategy: Waste is a global problem. That is why we intend to reach the largest quantity of people with a campaign that, besides being an advertising piece, it is intended as newsworthy. Modifying the ads of the most massive campaigns of the moment we will make people discuss WFP as the brand that changed a bad habit frequently seen in advertising. After the impact and highlight the problem, we will launch a ‘call to action’ with a hashtag that pretends to be the symbol of this cause. If you want to join the cause, it is as simple as finishing your meal and sharing a picture with the hashtag #DeservedEnd.
Planning: We do not need extensive media planning with the simple fact of appearing a few times in the commercial breaks we will make the necessary impact. For this reason, our advertising and investment campaign is designed to be on air just one day, the rest will do itself.
Implementation: The campaign starts with several TV spots and online ads, which means creating a package of several videos to be added right after the ads it refers to. And in addition, the media buying will be developing it in TV shows, sites, Facebook, and pre-rolls where the ad coexists with the #DeservedEnd spot.
Scale: To amplify the message it is necessary to promote the challenge ‘Share your food with the hashtag #DeservedEnd’ making alliances with influencers and chefs in order to, from their personal accounts, invite people to follow the challenge and to generate the necessary awareness about the problem of waste. Besides, our chefs will have a role as ambassadors of this campaign in their social networks and attending the cooking sections of TV programs, as well as being the informative face to spread the cause of #DeservedEnd in the news.

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