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Death of Eden

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THE DEATH OF EDEN - is one of my recent personal projects which is on the storyboard and layout phase. This short animation is intended to bring more awareness regarding Earth’s ( Eden ) pollution from human spieces who are destroying the planet at a very high pace in the last few decades.

The story begins with Atlas holding the polluted Eden upon his shoulders without purpose. Humanity is represented by classical sculptures of mastery execution & beauty against a high contrast environment. The story continues with Eden ( Earth) fatal death on the hands of her lover, the Angle who represents our last hope to turn things around and reverse the tragedy of permanent loss of the planet.

As the journey continues through an artistic expression of the love affair and struggle to save Eden, the Angle is willing to sacrifice his own life only to bring Eden closer to the presence of Gods for a second chance.

As time for humanity has ran out, represented by a giant clock with human chest ticking, the Gods have decided to recreate life using the debris created be Eden and Angel fragmentations up in space into the shape of a giant egg. As the egg is complete it is descended down to a barren planet by the Eagle ( Zeus ) at early dawn. As the giant egg is placed on the ground, life begins to merge around it. At sun rise the egg is surrounded by sculptures of both genders yet to witness their fate. The secret of letting the sculptures turning into human flesh depends on what the Gods have hidden inside the egg.

The twist in the story is that as we approach the egg to take a closer look, the egg cracks and the movie ends short without revealing us what miracle is hidden inside it. The moral of the story is that life might find its way back to earth after humans have destroyed this planet but there is no guaranty that the evolution or Gods will bring the human species back again into the Garden of Eden ever again.

Please let me know your feedback as it is very important to me for my storytelling and creative work. Thank you

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