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Dark Reflection by Sasha RTS

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This animation stands for three different stages that the main character as a person got over in his life. These stages are related to his social experiments with main idea to understand how other people feel, live and think:

1. I’ve been every single one of you – in this stage character was wearing the mask of other people. He was imagining himself in the place of another person and was trying to copy every behavioral and mental aspect of this person.

2. I’ve been inside every one of you – a character got into the consciousness of another person to observe his mental processes and look for the reasons for a certain person's behavior.

3. I haven’t been anywhere and anyone – the character understood that previous stages were an illusion of his mind. He came to this result in the moment when he realized that actually his observation of other people is just his own beliefs and nothing more. No one can really understand other people as it would be just a mirage of your thoughts.
In the animation we can observe that the character has a different transformation in his body due to the essence, which appears inside of him. This essence changes the natural order inside of character and this process impacts on both his physical and mental appearance. We can see such physical deformations as the second left hand (hand of essence), which disturbs the natural position of shoulder and chest. As well, during animation the veins on the chest are pulsing. This detail represents the essence influence inside of a character. On the mental level, essence creates the illusion described above as three stages that character gets over. Background stands for peak of emotional condition represented by sky reelection in the water.

Direction // shooting // style // conception // animation and original sound by Sasha RTS. Translation of the description - Andrey Litsov.

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