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Cycle by Esme Sullivan

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The short film includes a beginning, where the setting is announced, from there the audience experiences the ‘Cycle’, which explores the concept of ‘Time and Task’. Within the process of crafting the short film, challenges arose of how to capture the reflection in the washing machine. By using a gimbal and smartphone tripod, which stabilised the images, the footage was steady, helping draw complete focus to the editing technique of looping and repeating.

Sound, film and colouring have been edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.
00:02:45 duration]

Forwards. Backwards. Round, around, around. As time inevitably circles a clock, in a state of trance, a trip to the laundromat becomes an existential experience. Set within an empty laundry in Melbourne, present day, perspective and meaning are challenged by the spinning of a single machine. As these waves of realisation begin to crash, the concept of time and task collide. She performs a mundane, repetitive job, and as the self begins to slip away, it transforms from individual to a thought that time itself has crafted. Over, over and over. 23 minutes; 1380 seconds. 23 minutes of washing clothes becomes lost time. As action becomes motion, motion in turn becomes a cycle, a cycle that repeats, chasing its tail, spinning around much like the rotation of the washing machine. Within herself, she finds the compulsive rotating hypnotising. Unable to escape, unable to change, forever trapped within the essence of a task that consumes time; that consumes her.

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