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Crave-Point Zero choreograph trailers

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Crave: by Karen Kaeja
Crave mines relationship intimacy while navigating loneliness, unsettledness & the hope that keeps us hanging on. Sarah
Shugarman’s string quartet performed the score live. Audience members were invited to dance on stage as they settled into the theatre. This intimate dance on stage with a partner, friend, or stranger set the tone. Crave was nominated for 4 Dora Awards including choreography and winning one for Michael Caldwell’s outstanding performance.

Point 0: by Allen Kaeja
.0 is unpredictable. The result of any decision has a myriad of consequences. Impulse driven, a volatile environment, six dancers propel, distract, encourage and interfere each other’s erratic choices. Immediacy, instinct and the vulnerability of our senses.

"[Allen Kaeja's] choreography is powerfully physical. Dancers collide, play off each other's momentum, and rise into the air in mechanically complex lifts and shoulder rolls."
The Toronto Star

"a program of new work showing that age has hardly withered its strength. It’s made it bolder. Physical daring ... where there are no boundaries...spunk, subtle poignancy and unmistakeable sense of humour" by Deirdre Kelly

".0 plays on the tension of opposites. Holding back/explosive action. Isolation/engagement. Effervescent/exhausted. Playfully confrontational, aggressively gentle, the piece plays on cause and effect, incorporating movement from contact improv, martial arts (judo) and balletic, gender-neutral lifts to powerfully dynamic effect."
Life With More Cowbell blog

""…(Allen) uses a demanding athletic vocabulary. As dancers, they are striking to look at - Allen has a sturdy, imposing largeness that's infused with warmth and gentleness. Karen is fiercely beautiful with hard features and a mass of thick burgundy hair. When she dances, her reserve turns into something almost violently intense."
The Globe and Mail

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