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This experience includes 2 lectures on identifying limiting beliefs and techniques to elevate out of cyclical behavior.
A tutorial on pendulum dowsing and levels of consciousness.
A journaling workbook to set intentions for personal and business development and lecture to generate intentions from the heart center, along with a guided meditation to awaken intuition.

Part 1 “Manifestation 101 Lecture with Gem” PLUS “Podcast with Gem”
*Video Lecture
*Journaling Exercises, charts, and content

Part 2 “Dowsing Lecture & Consciousness” PLUS “Guided Meditation”
*Video Tutorial
*Consciousness Charts
*Guided Meditation

Part 3 “Rituals for Business & Personal Exploration”
*Video Introduction
*Journaling for Tin Man
*Guided journaling for Heart Centered Exploration

Part 1: Begin to understand limiting beliefs, conditioned behavior, and how these elements impact your daily life. By recognizing limiting beliefs and shifting to new possibilities, we allow the doors of manifestation to open. Gem explains techniques for attracting what you desire using quantifiable charts of energetic vibrations to illustrate both theory and practice. During her podcast, Gem gives real life examples of manifestation in action and techniques to raise your own frequency.

Part 2: Join Jenessee in a guided meditation to get centered and begin to call in your truest desires. During her tutorial video, Jenessee teaches the ancient technique of dowsing, which taps into each individual’s intuition and allows the participant to create a practice unique to themselves. Jenessee’s learning and manifesting flow charts aid the participant in establishing a path to actualize their manifestation potential. Learn how to use these charts to identify potential blocks and gain insight to your learning and manifestation process.

Part 3: Cinda Lonsway has developed rituals through journaling exercises that both put the participant in touch with their heart’s desires and propel business goals. Through a series of guided prompts and stream of consciousness writing, the participant gets more and more specific on their goals and aspirations. The exercise ends with generating energetic life for these goals and allowing them to become a reality.

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