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Cottons. Animation for Single - Disregard The Times

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They asked me to do their artwork with the brief being to portray the overwhelming nature of social media and phones. I thought it would be interesting to draw parallels between our phones and the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. The Bible story states how the Apple gave Adam and Eve vast knowledge at the expense of them also knowing how to feel shame and thus they both felt guilt about their nakedness immediately after they ate it. Phone’s too allow us to consume a great wealth of knowledge, constant stimulation and validation from others at the cost of us experiencing problems routed in this pursuit of validation and in the comparison culture that comes with it - the feelings of guilt envy, guilt and shame taking centre stage. I also couldn't resist the obvious pun of The Apple being an Apple Iphone (the more that you think about the Apple logo this way the more sinister the whole brand becomes). Lyrics in the song talk about tinder so I thought what better way to portray a modern version of Satan's seduction than to feature the serpent himself swiping right to Eve's profile on Sinder alongside other subtle hints to the devils omnipresence in the technology hidden around. Cottons then asked if the image could be made into a 9 second moving animation that could be played over the bridge of the song and put onto socials as a teaser before the release. Luckily as the initial illustration was being created I was already thinking that an animation would be the natural next step anyway so I had made the foreground, background, branches and characters as their own elements and layers that could be key-framed into different positions over the course of the sequence. Other detailed parts however such as the snakes tail end had to be cut away from each other again to animate separate to it's body.

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