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The Corpus Dogme project was spearheaded by Corpus artistic director Tim Matiakis.

A series of rules were ascribed to a designer (Jenny Nordberg) and two choreographers, of which TIlman O’Donnell was one.

Program notes:

Inspired by Jean-Luc Nancy’s book The Pleasure in Drawing, the work defers to the careful and meticulous act of drawing (drawing out, drawing toward, drawing through) to trace the contours of how form is formed.

The Dogma rules anchor and divert the work, in equal measure. The crystalline sets, lights, and costumes invite performer and spectator alike to contemplate the periphery, to wonder at and chart the shadows and the margins, and not solely center stage.

“ general drawing / design (dess[e]ein in both senses) constitutes a way of placing itself in contact with the formation of the form (of the thing, the thought, the emotion).. [...] Little by little, what is at stake each time is nothing less than: how does the world form itself and how am I allowed to embrace its movement?”

- Jean - Luc Nancy The Pleasure in Drawing

Choreographer: Tilman O’Donnell
Set, costumes, props, light cues: Jenny Nordberg
Dancers: Alexander Stæger, Hazuki Kojima,
Louella May Hogan, Alma Toaspern, Marco Herløv Høst Playlist, prologue: Mitja Nylund
Dramaturgical consultant: Tanja Diers
Light & stage: Kasper Riisberg
Sound design & sound engineer: Jonas Jensen Costumier: Annette Nørgaard
Props: Mikkel Rasmus Theut
Production manager: Per Uffelmann
Production assistant: Luna Stage
Intern: Lara Ostan Vejrup
Artistic process consultant, Corpus: Marie Haugsted Mors Creative producer, Corpus: Eva Steen Nordhagen
Artistic director, Corpus: Tim Matiakis

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