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Consumer Proposal Toronto, On Canada - Remolino Associates

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A consumer proposal is a legally binding agreement with your creditors to repay them in exchange for being released from debt.

If you're struggling to keep up on monthly payments, it's important that we remember there are other options available besides bankruptcy-a more popular one among Canada’s citizens has been opting out through proposals where they agree pay back less than what was owed while also getting full relief of all outstanding debts without going into repayment past year 2020 when two thirds (67%)of insolvency cases filing involved something called "consumer".

A consumer credit proposal deals with unsecured creditors and can eliminate almost all of your debts, including: credit card debt, bank loans, personal loans, unsecured lines of credit, payday loans, etc.

Student Loans: If you have been out of school for seven years, your student loan can be included in this proposal.

CRA and tax obligation: As a consumer-based federal government program that has jurisdiction over unpaid income taxes as well as payroll withholding taxes (among others), it's not surprising we see so many clients struggling with high interest credit card debt or payday loans - even if they don't owe money to us!

Payday Loan Cycle: 40%+of our clientele owes some type of unsecured personal lending instate such as car purchases on their own. If you are struggling with high-interest debt, a consumer proposal can be a way to erase that debt and start fresh.

Consider a debt proposal over filing for bankruptcy. When you file, your creditors are legally able to collect anything owed and can take the equity in your home as well; with this option they will only receive one payment per month through which interest is frozen on all accounts except credit cards or student loans (which may not be subject).

Consumer debt proposals are the only safe way to settle your debts. They're usually done through a company that has been sanctioned by Canada's government, so they have protections in place for you against creditor action like garnishing wages or having CRA seize money from an account when filing for bankruptcy protection themselves!

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