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Collective - A living Sound-installation

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Three slime mold cultures (Physarum Polycephalum ) from different regions of the world are cultivated in three tubes. Each of them is connected via a wire and is energized with a small amount of voltage. Each of the culture is able to not only control parts of the sound but also control the amount of voltage of the next tube to create a living feedbackloop.

The individual mushrooms create an ambient sound controlled through their waking cycle and their movement. Each culture controlls a different part of the music and together form a „emergent“ system: the sound. The installation influences and interact not just in itself but with fastly reacting living cultures (they grow up to 2cm per hour) and the fragile wire also the space and viewer gets part of the installation. If someone gets to close, the open wires are also able to measure the difference and the sound gets influenced to form a even bigger living sculpture.

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