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CGI Steam Train

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Play, download and edit the free video CGI Steam Train.

"Steam Train" is a short VFX/CGI showoff we made during some sparetimes.

We used Cinema 4D, Octane, Embergen and Davinci Resolve & Fusion.

Embergen was at that point in an early Beta, so animating the particle emitter was not possible. To workaround that, we tried to match the smoke movement with the trainmovement.

Night scenery with an atmosphere, steam and subsurface scattering and flakes in the snow was a real pain to render. Highnumbers of sampels results in high rendertimes.
Even the physical correct rig for the drive train wasnt that funny. Its a pretty complex rig which is an combination of IK/FK and some scripts to move everyhting in the right moment.
Everything moves in the correct speed, when the train is moved on the rails.

We did the post-production in Davici Resolve and Fusion. The final Output is out of After Effects.

We hope you like our short VFX/CGI animation!

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