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Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By (Floris De Haan mr. guitar.

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Play, download and edit the free video Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By (Floris De Haan mr. guitar. Rock Edition). Teaser Full Version.

This art (mini-movie) on truth, lies and of course love and devotion of friends. You now have the opportunity not only to see but to understand what a lie is powerless before the truth and real human feelings. And only time gives you the opportunity to understand and personally verify this. The role of time played by the metronome (and why not?!). Maybe someone know a similar problem that has happened in his personal life.

PS 01. This is a lighter version of the short film. After the credits you will have a pleasant surprise :) Magic - she's so beautiful!). Let's do this! :)
Pleasant viewing.

PS 02. The author's remix was made by us - ordinary people from an ordinary Siberian city, whose name is Kemerovo. The romantic melody of the track, written by Floris De Haan, with vocals by Carrie Skipper was complemented by the motifs of the stunning track "Brian Wayne Transeau (BT) - The Antikythera Mechanism" in the Pink Floyd lounge-style, and not aging rock and roll.
Roman Koshelsky (Kemerovo) invented and recorded all the guitar parts - THANKS, ROMA! And the percussion part allowed to expand the range of perception of content + the bass guitar gave rise to developing events in the production of scenes - and all this was done by Andrey Romanov (Kemerovo) - THANKS, ANDREW!

Actors.. It's ordinary people who coped with this new milestone in life. Coordinated work with the visions of the Director allowed you to put all the hints, the hidden ideas and explicit action. THANK YOU, ACTORS!

Reading narration provided a necessary emotional component, the most deeply penetrated into the essence of the tragedy and the situation in General. Of course it was a female voice - video is about Love, after all :) THANK you, DEAR SPEAKERS! (in this version there is no monologues, but they are in the full version of the film).

The style and selection of accessories, clothing is one of the most important points. Without your opinions and views on things would not be so great. THANK YOU, STYLISTS!

Work cameraman, editor and visual editor effects - it's hard work, associated with the bundle of nerves and man-hours. You have coped with this task. THANK YOU, PROFESSIONALS!

Space, the entourage is almost the basis of visual perception, without which it was impossible to feel and to really visit the place of the characters in the film. THANK YOU, TRINITY!

And, most important.. We were helped by loved ones who remained behind the scenes, rooting for us, supported us. THANK you, our RELATIVES, loved ones!


ms. G - Borisova Galina
mr. G - Evdokimov Pavel / Koshelsky Roman
mr. false - Koshelsky Roman / Konstantin Lazarko
mr. true - Koshelsky Roman / Konstantin Lazarko
mr. guitar - Koshelsky Roman
mr. percus - Romanov Andrey
mr. K - Konstantin Lazarko
re-member (man) - Mikulenko Sergey
re-member (woman) - Kravtsova Natalia
a-Girl - Lopatina Zlata


Remix Authors "Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By (Floris De Haan & mr. guitar Rock Edition)" :

Koshelsky Roman (Guitar part)
Romanov Andrey (Percussion, Bass, Mixing)
Konstantin Lazarko (Idea, Mixing)


Scenery, Light, Attributes:

Kopytkov Dmitry
Konstantin Lazarko
Agarina Alena


Idea, Text, Script, Social adaptation:

Konstantin Lazarko
(I dedicate this work to my Beloved Son)

Kemerovo 2018-2020

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