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Carousel, 2019

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“If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” ― John F. Kennedy, 1963

A ‘time-slice’ is an image built from the photos of a time-lapse. Each slice is a captured at different points in time. All the time-slice images are unique, made from a different number of images, over a different amount of time—involving a great deal of exploration and experimentation by mixing time in various ways — visiting a location numerous times until a vision is captured. In the case of ‘Carousel’ an environment was visited over a period of weeks before compiling the artifact.

Architectural environments have always persisted as one of the most profoundly important reflections of humanity. Considering monumental structures such as the Roman Coliseum, Notre Dame and Taj Mahal or modern icons such as the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House or Guggenheim Museum, each building reflects the story of the time, and how that iteration of culture wished to project itself to the future. Architecture also persists through our infrastructure of public spaces. Architecture has become central to our experience of being human.

Space-time simply exists. Examining a particular subject from the stand point of its space-time representation, every particle (part) of that subject is located along its world-line. A spaghetti-like line that stretches from the past to the future showing the spatial location of the subject at every instant in time. This world-line exists as a complete object which may be sliced here and there so that you can see where the subject is located in space at a particular instant. Once the world line of a subject is determined, the observer can ‘solve’ for its complete history. This world-line does not change with time, but simply exists as a timeless object. Similarly, in general relativity, equations for the shape of space-time are solved, this shape does not change in time, but exists as a complete timeless object. You can slice it here and there to examine what the geometry of space looks like at a particular instant. Examining consecutive slices in time will let an observer see relationships that are imperceivable in a single moment.

Circular motion is a movement of a subject along the circumference of a circle or rotation along a circular path. It can be uniform, with constant angular rate of rotation and constant speed, or non-uniform with a changing rate of rotation. The rotation around a fixed axis of a three-dimensional body involves circular motion of its parts. The equations of motion describe the movement of the center of mass of a body. In physics, uniform circular motion describes the motion of a body traversing a circular path at constant speed. In the case of rotation around a fixed axis of a rigid body that is not negligibly small compared to the radius of the path, each particle of the body describes a uniform circular motion with the same angular velocity, but with velocity and acceleration varying with the position with respect to the axis.

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