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Candy Hearts

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Created using Maya, Arnold, and Nuke.

I decided to tribute my Valentine's video this year to my apparent Candy Conversational Heart addiction. I know a lot of people think they taste like chalk...but I can't stop eating them...

MEANWHILE, a note about the music. I've taken to listening to @wmhtpubmedia in the last year or so...and every so often when I hear a song I like in the car, I save a note and end up buying the music later.
I knew I wanted to use a classical piece for this, and while watching an early iteration on a loop, I played through my library to see if anything resonated. I ended up settling on Má vlast, a Czech poem/composition by Bedřich Smetana.
Upon showing an early edit to my father, he asks me "Why'd you use Hatikvah (The Israeli National Anthem)? Confused, I replied with the actual song name and the fact that it predates Israel by at least half a century....but he was fairly convinced.
So after some research, I discovered that the origin of the tune itself came from "La Mantovana", a 16th century Italian song, generally about wishing for the end of Winter and for Spring to arrive (perfect for me). It turns out that tune was later adapted by numerous composers and cultures.
I don't recall ever hearing Hatikvah ever in my life up intil my Israel trip in December...and even then I didn't realize/recall that that's what I heard. But now having done the research, I vividly remember hearing the song over there. So...happy accident?

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