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A true story based on a young boy growing up in New York City in a time when being different wasn’t accepted nor respected.

Synopsis: The short shows how the Bully, a leader of his handpicked group of followers who follow him and Bully others just not to be… “Bullied.”

His prey on the weak is victimized repeatedly to negative acts on the part of one or more other children. The Bullies negative action intentionally inflicts pain through words or physical action bring discomfort upon another and in doing so brings comfort to the Bully.

Bio: Kathrine Narducci is an Actress and Director. Her body of work as an Actress include: “Bronx Tale,” “Sopranos,” “Jersey Boys, the movie,” and most recently “The Wizard of Lies,” “The Irishman,” and “Fonzo.”

Extending herself into Directing, her first project was “Dante’s World.” When presented with an offer to Direct “Bullied” she gladly signed on. “The topic of the project is the current situation in which the world is facing today, and change is desperately needed in society and bullying must be stopped asap.”

Frankie C aka Frankie Cappello is an Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director. His body of work as a performer started in and around New York City at a very young. His abilities were nurtured allowing him to grow into the creative person he is today.

“In order for me to write “Bullied” I had to relive one of the many moments I’ve been through in my life. During the filming process I had to see it from the outside looking in and as I watched it unfold yet again it gave me a true understanding about life, my life and why the story needed to be told.”

“Where I am today is because I was able to find the strength from within…some are not that strong, and they see no hope in their life, they need guidance to see that life is good, and you can get through this…but no one can do it alone, and we can do it together. I want the “Bullied” project to be a learning platform for Parents, Teachers, Youth and Anyone who is being “Bullied” to understand, you are not alone, reach out for help and let someone know what is happening. Being “Bullied” is happening to Young and Old and comes in many different forms. If you are being “Bullied” or see someone being “Bullied” …stand up and say something “Starting Today” …because you matter, and you are loved.”

A True Story based on the Life of Frankie Cappello aka “Frankie C”

Directed by Kathrine Narducci

Written and Produced by Frankie Cappello

Starring Yianni Vasis, Christopher Rivera, Michael Rivera, Tiziano Fichera, Angelica Fichera, Aidan Borah, Fatlind Syla and Lasha Jijiashvili

Executive Producer Four Reasons for Happiness Productions

Director of Photography Eddy Barrena

Edited by Nicholas Conti

Graphics by Pxelperfect

“Starting Today” Theme Song Written and Performed by Frankie C

Background Music by Pond5

Casting by JALF

Special Appearance by Michael Musto

Interview filmed by Victoria Radrigan

All Photographs of Frankie C by Susan Meiselas, Magnum Photo

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