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Bring back

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“Bring back” is an allegory about the return to life, when we are faced with the abyss or darkness that symbolize the end. The animation is the author's representation of what it would be like to come across such a fact, as anguish, despair, unpreparedness and impotence are portrayed in the character's eyes when faced with his life being consumed by darkness. The abyss can be death, depression, difficulty or simply darkness, this form is left open by the author, as it will be extracted in different ways depending on each person's life experience. The female character is the representation of light, which brings life back, when she sees that there is still a pulse, a hope, a faith. Bringing life to its natural course, but not making you forget how easy it is to lose it.

Nobody is sure of life, we are all ready to face the abyss, some several times, others only once, but there is something in common between these people, this event will never be forgotten, because life is built in the face of many trials and challenges , and even then, we're not sure we can lose it in just 1 minute.

Frame / frame animation, scripted by Sérgio Girolla and drawing, sounded and animated by Sergio Girolla.

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