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BrainFeeder #1

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BrainFeeder is a series of short cyberpunk action sequences set in the DAT Universe, the Digital Afterlife Platform where humanity has moved as digitized souls, leaving their physical bodies behind.
After hundreds of years of automated existence, DAT suffers from corrupted data, turning a perfect digital world into a glitchy hell.
While the data corruption was initially thought to be caused by failing hardware, the Agency discovered that instead originated from a large attack by an unknown force within DAT.
A mysterious entity has been progressively hacking into the core of DAT subroutine.
In BrainFeeder 1, the Agency has detected a new hack destabilizing sector Tokyo 4-9.
The unknown force has stolen a DataFragment containing the cryptokeys to the sector.
Agent B49 will be spawned at the location, with the objective of retrieving the cryptokeys and investigating the scene.
We know the hacker has the ability to destabilize the DAT world and modify the temporal loop. Proceed with caution.

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