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"Tyltyl: Please, all of you, look for our Bluebird with all your hearts; and if you find him, keep him for yourselves. And be sure to look first in your own homes, where he is most to be found."
"The Blue Bird"
Play by M. Maeterlinck

"The Bluebird" is a video sketch for everyone who wants to share kindness, emotional warmth and stay connected through this giving. The narrator's line has been illustrated by the movement of a dress shape fabric with the tree bark print on it.
The tree symbolizes the embodiment of the lungs of our planet. Nature is struggling to breathe because of pollution and global issues' The project's description:
ignorance. That is why humanity experiences an equal response from nature as a virus which we were not ready for. The Bluebird itself is a symbol of hope, love and empathy, reconnection with nature and each other.
Here, you can watch the first video from the potential series of the short live media performances involving poetry, music, verbatim stories about life "here and now". The project's participants and the spectators will join us from all over the world to establish a community to share comparison, gratitude and kindness through the distance. This idea underlines the primary intention of the project to join people of a different social and professional background to talk about beauty in many art and world languages.

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