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ASK Behavior Change #justASKaxiom

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Expecting dramatically improved sales performance, while continuing to sell the way you always have, is the definition of insanity, right?

Let's face it-when we want anything in our lives to change, we have to change some of our learned behaviors.

To sustain behavioral change & break old, bad habits, you first have to BELIEVE & Internalize that the new learned behavior is superior.

If you don’t BELIEVE that a process is the way you should be selling to serve your customers best…if it isn’t YOUR truth, absolutely no positive change or improvement will manifest.

At ASK, we utilize the same technology employed by Disney and Pixar Studios to put your sales people in realistic, customizable sales scenarios intended to advance and test their knowledge and skill in an ultra-safe environment. ASK Virtual Active Learning Experience (VALE), is gamified to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism and closure. We are seamlessly blending professional learning with the same types of activities they are engaged in their personal lives.
Putting ASK in action is simple. We’ve created our own Client Collaborative CRM tool that reinforces all you’ve learned and provides a shared space for you and your customer to clearly define business gaps and goals and stay in sync. This powerful tool links to your learning library, virtual selling simulations (VALE Coming Soon!) & dedicated ASK Implementer.

With ASK, you’ll have support to hold you accountable for the commitment you’ve made to yourself, and if you need a bit extra, just ASK!  If you’re one of those people disciplined enough to exercise at home, great! Keep practicing! If you are one that needs to go to a gym or hire a personal trainer, we get that too! Our ASK Implementors will ensure that the necessary behavioral changes you’ve internalized become a HABIT. 

Staying committed & accountable will be energizing, rather than a task you feel you’re forced to complete. Can you imagine being ENERGIZED by internalizing, committing to, and practicing a sales process? We can!

With commitment to practice, this continuum creates sustainable behavioral change that will become second nature to you. (justASK these customers!) What’s the by-product of these changes? Dramatically improved sales performance, shorter sales cycles, larger commissions and a new alliance with your customer who now views you as a trusted advisor to their business. 

Feeling better already? You should be! We’ve left no stone unturned. You’ll no longer see a beginning and end to the sales process…instead, it will be a continual flow of collaboration between your customer & their new trusted advisor. Remember, an #ASKlife is an ABUNDANT life!

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