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Archiving Boredom

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I look around and see scattered on the floor all these objects now composing this still-life depicting me at this specific moment. The days that pass by bring with them these accidental sculptures that that keep forming and dissolving themselves. everything moves, all the time. The room never becomes anything else than a construction site evolving towards no goal, if not the one to reflect my interiority. I told myself several times that I should tidy my room, but never found a methodology that would suit me. As soon as I was trying to assign an object to a certain location, I was destroying the possibilities for it to be somewhere else. As soon I was building a methodology of tidying, the construction site ceased existing, and it was over. My room, my interiority, wasn’t anymore a reflection of my changing self, but a fixed state of things from which nothing could ever emanate.

As I lay by the rug, only fixed territory of the room, unalterable frame in which life passes by, I realise that I am not only this still-life at this specific moment, but rather the accumulation of every state of the room. I realise that I am the objects around me and their past, their movement in space, their traces, that I am, as Isamu Noguchi would say: the landscape of all I have seen.

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