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Anti-colonial Action Canada Day Guelph

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On the evening of July 1, 2020 a couple hundred people marched through the Guelph streets, demanding the defunding of the Guelph Police Department and the abolition of so-called Canada.

The event was held to protest the bourgeois narrative of Canada, a false perception that sees Canada as a ‘peaceful’ and ‘friendly’ nation. Over the past several weeks, beginning with the murder of George Floyd, across Turtle Island colonized people and settler workers have risen up fighting against police brutality, colonial genocide and to defiantly take what is rightfully theirs.

The Guelph Black & Indigenous Solidarity Rally Against Police started in Lyon Park with speakers sharing their stories and words on colonial policing and the ongoing Indigenous genocide by the Canadian state.

A representative with Serve the People - Guelph [audio in video] spoke a passionate and prophetic speech that illuminated the crowd. Many had tears in their eyes when she spoke of the police murders of Chantel Moore, Regis Korchinski-Paquet and Rodney Levi.

The speech continued and the speaker explained how the heroic riots and victories in the United States are examples of why militant action is needed to combat police terror and colonial violence.

Another Indigenous woman speaker shared her disappointment with the so-called ‘peaceful’ protests and the performative gestures by the bourgeois politicians. She called on the crowd to look at the actions in the United States where racist statues have been taken down by protestors. “No law has ever been changed unless it is broken” she said, with a roaring echo of loud claps and cheering from the crowd.

The calls for militant action were well received by the crowd, highlighting the masses growing discontent with the status quo and realization of the need for revolutionary power to bring decolonization.

With the masses energized the march headed towards the downtown district. Immediately the masses seized the streets, chanting loud and forging their power. The cops were largely outnumbered and swiftly kept back.

The cops attempted some roadblocks but the masses were able to move around and easily change directions. As the crowd went up Gordon Street a banner that read ‘Abolish Police’ was dropped from a bridge and fireworks went off.

The crowd then marched to the police station and strategically positioned themselves so that protestors could graffiti the road with anti-police and anti-colonial slogans while keeping the cops away.

As the night calmed, more speeches were shared and a revolutionary vigil for the victims of Canadian police murder since 2019 ended the night.

Earlier in the day organizers with the Revolutionary Student Movement and Serve the People engaged in a banner drop over the 401 highway. The banner read, “Decolonize now! Abolish Canada” the video shows several truck drivers honking and raising their fist in support, showing the solidarity between settler workers and colonized people.

In support of the anti-colonial struggle Members of the Revolutionary Workers Movement donated $400 of their wages to the Tyendinaga Mohawk Nation. The Tyendinaga Mohawk was engaged in a blockade in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation that has been invaded by RCMP starting several months ago and continues to this day.

“We believe that the working-class is the main force behind change in the world. When workers are organized and united for revolution then we can truly end exploitation and oppression. Whether that is wage slavery under capitalism or colonial genocide, a fighting and unified militant workers movement has the power to force police abolition and end the Canadian states genocide on Indigenous people here and abroad.

We understand that Canada as a settler colonial state has an inherent contradiction between settler and colonized, and that this will not be easy to solve. As a group of mostly settlers, we will always support the anti-colonial struggle and we aim to build a mass workers movement to assist in the decolonization of Canada in whatever way Indigenous Nations see fit.

We call on all settler workers to donate money to colonized people to support them materially in their anti-colonial fight. We call on all settler workers to join the workers movement and prepare for the anti-colonial struggle and the socialist revolution!”

Settlers can support the Tyendinaga Mohawk Nation through interact E-transfer at [email protected] or visit

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